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i am bug :o) n i love women

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1 day ago
Thursday 23rd May 2019 14:03:28

hello!!! i never made an intro post but i have many new followers and thus many new friends so here is a lil introduction to miss BUG!

-i use she/her pronouns

-i am 18

-a writer, i post a lot abt my ocs/stories

-i love cartoons and anything gay

-im a lesbian !!!

-idk what else to say uwu


2 days ago
Thursday 23rd May 2019 01:27:03
opportunity asked:

petrichor (both of them ig since theres 2 lol)

Petrichor: How do you feel about rain? Is it relaxing or stressful to you? it stresses me out and makes my anxiety very bad. it also makes my depression bad. i associate rain with train delays and train delays make me late to work and being late to work is very bad on my mental health

Petrichor: What's your favorite season? Why do you like it? spring! i like it because everything comes back from winter!!!

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2 days ago
Thursday 23rd May 2019 00:39:16

Pretty asks for pretty words

chemicataclysm 23rd December 2018 06:00:30 AM - 5 months ago

Dulcet: Have you ever actually been in love? Have you ever lied about being in love?

Quintessential: If your life were a book, what would the title be? What would the cover look like?

Incipient: Do you consider yourself "older" yet? Do you miss being a kid?

Moiety: Who do you consider your family? Are they biologically related to you? Or is it an emotional relation?

Mellifluous: What's a song that reminds you of yourself? Why do you relate to it?

Languor: Do you have trouble waking up in the morning? Is it hard for you to fall asleep?

Petrichor: What's your favorite season? Why do you like it?

Aesthete: Do you prefer being outside or being inside?

Effervescence: What's better: tea or coffee? Or do you prefer something else?

Becoming: Are you insecure about your looks? Why or why not?

Ephemeral: What's a good memory from your childhood? What makes it so memorable?

Illicit: Have you ever done any drugs? Do you enjoy them?

Sonder: Do you ever worry about strangers? Do you care about people who don't know you?

Incandescence: How much do you know about stars? Do you know any constellations?

Propensity: What's a quirk of yours that people find endearing? Do you like it?

Inure: Do you have any mental illnesses? How well do you cope?

Easeful: What type of socks do you normally wear? Do they match? How long/short are they?

Palimpsest: If you could go back and fix one past mistake, what would it be?

Serendipity: What do you want your future to be like? What do you think it will actually be like?

Petrichor: How do you feel about rain? Is it relaxing or stressful to you?

Dalliance: How easily do you let yourself love other people? Is it different if the love is platonic instead of romantic?

Limerence: Does anybody love you? Why do you think they love you?

Harbinger: Do you believe in fate or destiny? Why or why not?

Iridescent: What's your favorite color? Why do you feel drawn to it?

Hiraeth: What does home mean to you? Why is that what it means? Do you have a home?

Bucolic: Is being in crowds stressful for you? Do you like crowds or do you prefer empty places?

babushka 22nd May 2019 03:27:04 PM - 2 days ago

3 days ago
Tuesday 21st May 2019 19:52:16

one of my works has been accepted to an online litmag i feel so happy :D

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Tuesday 21st May 2019 19:51:43
babushka 21st May 2019 04:47:44 PM - 3 days ago

wait wha

babushka 21st May 2019 07:17:54 PM - 3 days ago

pstt people let's get it to 128...the programming number

3 days ago
Tuesday 21st May 2019 15:20:26

3 days ago
Tuesday 21st May 2019 15:15:17


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Monday 20th May 2019 03:02:21
crystalphobic 19th May 2019 06:13:33 PM - 5 days ago

some screensavers i made for a friend

(but you can use them too!)

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Sunday 19th May 2019 14:39:53
cykes 19th May 2019 02:14:35 PM - 5 days ago

its invisible, but this banner appears in every post i do

6 days ago
Sunday 19th May 2019 02:58:13
woodland-wisp asked:

please tell about your WIP? I am also a writer, YA & Adult Fantasy and I generally like fantasy/sci-fi but idk I'm curious and you seem cool! so ... wip genre/summary/characters?

omg iwould love to. i have two main wips right now, but i think the one i hav majority been posting abt is about my demon slaying lesbians.. its fantasy/young adult and the main characters are princess andromeda and botonist ivory! 

its about andie, who has been training her entire life to end the demon population in her village. she is so set on her ways, and since her mother was killed by these demons, she has absolutely no doubt that these creatures deserve to be slaughtered... and then she meets one demon who doesnt seem as bad as the others. 

thats all im gonna say im super bad at descriptions but it doesnt have a name yet!!!! thsnks for asking i really appreciate it :D i hav another wip too that i like talking abt more and is still abt lesbians (my brand)

7 days ago
Saturday 18th May 2019 02:43:44

the new update rocks! this site is comin along rlly well!

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7 days ago
Saturday 18th May 2019 02:28:00
lazy asked:

omg! i met a dog named baba today! wanted to share with u. he had a paralyzed leg. very baby. baba

baba 17th May 2019 08:20:40 PM - 7 days ago

OHHHH OWO? sounds like a PREMIUM animal omg thank you for telling me

1 week ago
Thursday 16th May 2019 14:19:09

snufkin...more like snufking

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Thursday 16th May 2019 13:05:05
archie 16th May 2019 05:43:47 AM - 1 week ago

you guys like free art

reblog and show me your cool fantasy characters and I'll sketch em like tomorrow after I wake up possibly

lazy 16th May 2019 01:05:05 PM - 1 week ago

here is my sweet baby andie and her demon sidekick bubbles !!! draw her if u like or just admire her from afar~ both work for her

art credit- noxatn

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Monday 13th May 2019 14:35:34
gligar 13th May 2019 08:48:04 AM - 2 weeks ago

lil tangy animation :D

3 weeks ago
Saturday 4th May 2019 12:34:29

hi i was in europe for a week :D

1 month ago
Saturday 20th April 2019 01:09:37

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Friday 19th April 2019 21:30:42
kidd 19th April 2019 04:35:18 PM - 1 month ago

>:3 and pink hair = my anime persona

click here to make your own!

lazy 19th April 2019 09:30:42 PM - 1 month ago

heres mine :D :D :D

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coffee 19th April 2019 01:38:52 AM - 1 month ago


lazy 19th April 2019 02:25:37 AM - 1 month ago


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coffee 19th April 2019 01:48:26 AM - 1 month ago

If youre a customer fuck you

1 month ago
Monday 15th April 2019 15:15:06

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aesthetic-melon 13th April 2019 05:44:33 PM - 1 month ago

1 month ago
Thursday 11th April 2019 21:42:13

sometimes u dont even need to be asleep to nap. a nap is jus closing ur eyes, zoning out. relaxing. and thus resting. i love naps

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Thursday 11th April 2019 21:33:43
babushka 11th April 2019 06:30:04 PM - 1 month ago

should i switch to the writing blog or just talk about my ocs here? idk if anyone follow my writing blog, and it was created, well, for another universe of OCs in the first place, so guess the second option

lazy 11th April 2019 09:33:43 PM - 1 month ago

talk abt ur ocs on this blog i am a big fan of blogs with many focuses B)

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gligar 11th April 2019 07:51:44 PM - 1 month ago

totally 4got 2 post this lel
but monster au stardew idea i got cus why not :P