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hi! im plzed to make ur acquaintance

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still gay

#me too my friend

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mr aasimar part 2


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SOOOO, I recently hit the 50 follower mark, talked about a giveaway before, and I've finally gotten some time to make a lil fun image to kick off this event the right way!

The entry requirements are rather simple. As long as you like and reblog the post and you are following my account, you'll be put in for the draw!
-You may NOT use sideblogs to increase your chances of winning. One chance per person, let's keep it fair y'all. If I find someone use a sideblog to try and pass it off as another entry(signal boosting however is fine, just add the signal boost tag), they will be disqualified.

The winner of this raffle will have 24 HOURS to respond to my ask telling them they won and requesting contact information. Should the participant reply, they will be announced and their prize will be given within the next few days. Should they not respond, they will get a message to know they have missed their window and a new winner will be picked.

-This gives you one week to be entered into the raffle!

There will be ONE(1) winner of this event.

The winner will get their choice of an 800x800 profile icon to use anywhere OR a 2000x2000 full body of their character/persona/whatever in the oh so iconic style of Invader Zim. It's just fun to draw.

-Examples of profile icons can be found here.
-An example of the Invader Zim style is right on the contest image, but can also be found here and here.

The winner will be able to use their icon or full body wherever they please, and may post it ONLY if it links back to my Waterfall account, my FurAffinity account, or links/tags back to my Twitter account for proper credit.

Thank you all so much for following me and my shenanigans on this site, you don't know how much this really means to me. <3

#omg i love invader zim n ur art im hype for this consider me. ENTERED!

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Hey, you.

Yes, you reading this.

Have a good day.


2 months ago
Tuesday 19th February 2019 17:11:28

i hate calling out from work so much :( it makes my anxiety so so so awful. i feel like they all hate me lolololol

#even tho i barely call out like ever ive only had to bc its an emergency #:(((((( #why is my anxiety so bad i want to cry

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Tuesday 19th February 2019 15:30:10

im getting my teeth pulled today. o

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Monday 18th February 2019 15:34:14

this is the kind of energy i want to possess 

#promo #shitpost

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Monday 18th February 2019 15:27:37

im in the wf discord but tbh my anxiety is so bad on chats like that idek why i joined i havent said a word and i doubt i ever will LOL

#anybody else long to be a part of group chats and then once ur in one ur like..lol nvm

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Monday 18th February 2019 15:26:49

hi friends....i am 11 followers away from 50 followers......that is so cool :0 50 friends in total..wowieieieeieie

#im a lesbian and i love dogs follow me!!!

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Brooklyn Gates // mush 2019

New icon!

#i really like this!!! #very cool #art

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Monday 18th February 2019 02:21:40
princeofdoom asked:

I'm sorry you have to deal with that. In an ideal world, you shouldn't have to do anything more than you have, he should just step off. But we're not in an ideal world. Like someone else wrote, just try to get as much evidence as you can, tell as many people as you feel comfortable knowing so you have people who can back you up and keep your guard up. I hope he doesn't seriously try shit. Best of luck.

thank u thank u tonight i got off the same time as him but i took the train with my friend and he didnt try to wait behind for me. i am going to tell my close coworker friends one of which i know will deliver the news back to him n once he knows for sure i think he'll be too scared to try and talk to me anymore lolololol. he wouldnt like Try anything but i think he doesnt realize how uncomfortable being around him (and around men in general lol) makes me.

#does that make sense? #anyways #too long

2 months ago
Sunday 17th February 2019 15:52:53

hi gang any advice for an annoying situation in which a boy has a crush on a lesbian and he wont leave her alone even though she clearly is a lesbian and even though last night she told him she carries pepper spray and yet he still follows her into the train every time they get off work at the same time :)

#i hate men so much #like. i hate you #stop!!! #he doesnt even take the same fuckin train as me. #personal

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Sunday 17th February 2019 14:25:30

i love layering clothes. layers r so underrated 

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Chibi of my elf princess OC, Ami'thea, used as a commission sample.

twitter - kofi - patreon

#I LOVE THEM!!!!! #my oc andie has elfish features too :DDD

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Thursday 14th February 2019 13:52:40

happy valentine's day!!!!!

ᵐᵉ ᵐʸ ³â¶ ᶠᵒˡˡᵒʷᵉʳˢ

#valentine #me

2 months ago
Wednesday 13th February 2019 16:25:06

can i have a big round of lesbian applause because i have fiNALLY REACHED THE PART IN MY NOVEL WHERE I INTRODUCE MISS IVORY :D :D :D and also this BEAUTIFUL commish i had done of her credit when u clicky click click

#oc #ivory #my novel #andie story #i suck at tags i just wanna b able to find this lmfaoaoaoaooa

2 months ago
Monday 11th February 2019 01:46:18

new mood is lilo eating ice cream cone

2 months ago
Monday 11th February 2019 01:19:08

my inactivity is literally just due to the fact that i am never on my laptop other than for binging utube videos or writing........i dont even hav any social media on my phone except instablam,....when and if there is a waterfall app u can bet on my activity

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2 months ago
Sunday 3rd February 2019 13:41:22

why did i pick up a shift today i just wanna lounge and be gay in peace

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lazy asked:

thank you for supporting my cause

i can't think of anyone more deserving of the catra url than the woman with lesbian catra as her icon. 

lazy 2nd February 2019 03:03:13 AM


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My favorite anime is shrek

lazy 31st January 2019 09:49:21 PM

cory in the house

#reply #drake and josh close second