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hi! im plzed to make ur acquaintance

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Sunday 17th March 2019 03:29:39
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omg hey hunny i would love a moodboard for my oc ivory she is super cute and ive got a few pics of her on my wf (icon too) she is a lesbian botonist and she loves to research different types of herbs and plants and LOVES smoochin her warrior princess gf...and her fav color is green. i think i hit all the important points??

84 years later... i swear, i was not ignoring you on purpose, just wanted it to be nicely done! and i feel like i didn't make a perfect moodboard :( tell me if you think i nailed it or failed it! 

lazy 17th March 2019 03:29:39 AM

NO its absolutely perfect and beautiful thank you!!!!! :D


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