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LGBT Ask Meme


Here's a thing! Send a number or a few!

  1. How do you identify? Has it changed at all?
  2. Do you use a lot of labels or just one/a couple? If you use more than one, is there one that is the most important to you?
  3. How did you choose/find the label(s) you identify with?
  4. Have you attended a Pride celebration?
  5. Do you identify with any LGBT+ archetypes? (examples: doe, butch, otter)
  6. Do you consider yourself out (however you choose to interpret that)?
  7. What advice do you wish you had heard when you first realized you were LGBT+?
  8. Do you often have to explain your orientation and/or gender?
  9. What is your aesthetic/presentation? Does your orientation and/or gender inform that?
  10. Would your aesthetic/presentation be any different in a world without anti-LGBT+ sentiments? Would you behave differently?
  11. Are (most of) your friends LGBT+ as well?
  12. What is your favorite piece of media that includes LGBT+ representation?
  13. Who is your favorite LGBT+ character?
  14. If you could make any character(s) explicitly LGBT+, who would they be?
  15. Do you listen to any LGBT+ musicians? If yes, who are they?
  16. Do you have a favorite LGBT+ artist and/or author? If yes, who are they? (can be fan creations or original creations)
  17. Are there any LGBT+ historical figures or time periods that you wish you/others knew more about?
  18. Are there any LGBT+ people who you look up to?
  19. What is your favorite LGBT+ related trope? Are there any that you dislike?
  20. Which pride flag do you find most aesthetically pleasing?
  21. Do you have a partner or partners?/Are you interested in having a partner or partners?
  22. Have you bought anything related to your identity? (examples: binder, pride flag, pins)
  23. How old were you when you realized you were LGBT+?
  24. Are there any stereotypes related to your identity that you fulfill? What stereotypes do you defy?
  25. Do you participate in any LGBT+ specific groups? (examples: discord groups, campus clubs)
  26. How easy or difficult did you find it to accept your own LGBT+ identity?
  27. What term do you usually use when discussing the LGBT+ community in general? (examples: LGBTQ, LGBT+)
  28. What was your first exposure to the LGBT+ community?
  29. Were there any experiences that made you feel more comfortable or confident in your LGBT+ identity?
  30. Do you have a favorite LGBT+ meme? If yes, what is it?